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Why does someone win at Forex, but not you?

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As has been said more than once, the percentage of successful traders is quite low compared to how many people try their hand at trading, 5 out of 100 and this is still embellished data, in fact the situation is more deplorable.

A beginner, having learned about stock trading, at first thinks that he has found a gold mine, after that he feels deceived, blaming everyone and everything for his troubles.

But, the fact remains, for some reason there is always someone who continues to earn, what is the secret of this state of affairs?

Everything has its time.

Most of those who want to decide to become traders at not the best moments of their lives – the loss of a job, the need for money.

As a result, they find themselves in a situation where there is simply catastrophically no time to study, and the money is needed yesterday. Having briefly familiarized themselves with the trading terminal, they start trading, while trying to use as much leverage as possible. But, instead of a huge profit, the result of trading is a deposit drain .

It is best to start trading when circumstances do not push you in the back, or at least do not place high hopes on this type of earnings in the near future.


The tool makes the master.

In most cases, success is achieved by those who invest in their business not only their soul, but also their money. And we are not talking about the trader’s deposit at all, we mean the costs of buying a new computer, books or paying for training in exchange trading.

Now almost any information can be found in the public domain, but as a rule, what you paid money for is of better quality and is more appreciated. You would rather abandon a free downloaded video course than refuse to attend paid exchange trading classes. The new laptop is not only more pleasant to work with, but there are also fewer crashes and freezes that prevent you from closing a deal on time.

The amount of capital.

In practice, the less money a trader has, the more leverage he uses. Why then be surprised if a 100 dollar deposit with a leverage of 1:500 merged within a couple of minutes.

Traders with a capital of at least $10,000 and leverage of no more than 1:10 earn stable money on the market, and many prefer to trade only with their own money.

Yes, at the same time, it is rarely possible to earn more than a couple of percent per month, but you understand the meaning of such earnings when you have those $ 100,000, and they are in the bank, at best, at 5% per annum.

Trading with a minimum leverage completely eliminates the risk of draining, and a small profit in relation to the amount of capital does not provoke the broker to do dirty tricks. In addition, a large deposit is always the best trading conditions.

It should be noted that people who become professional traders are no different from you, simply acting according to the principles described above. Psychological aspects in stock trading play a greater role than a thorough knowledge of analysis or the ability to manage automatic advisers

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