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Advantages of Forex over other financial markets

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Were below.Advantages of Forex over other financial markets

No commission. If here the trader pays only the spread, which is not that big, then in other markets the commission is an advantage. It is much larger than the modest spread that Forex brokers charge.
Lack of serious influence on the trends of large companies. Since the daily turnover is several trillion dollars and there are too many participants, even serious interventions can only set short-term trends.
Lack of open competition. Despite the fact that each merchant and each company that participates in the auction is your competitor, at the same time there is no fight. Your analysis is always meant to work for you, but not against anyone. Just take yours. Due to the fact that a certain common “cauldron” of accumulation of finances is being formed here, in which everyone invests and from which some take money, there is no obvious confrontation. Quiet in this regard, and because the merchants are not seen. And even if they meet, for example, in a broker’s office, they simply understand that these people are only a small part of the huge society of currency speculators. In short, the participants see each other as partners and not as enemies.
Great liquidity. Currency will always be bought from you, at least in modern Forex market conditions, when everything is combined into one system. It is not necessary to look for a buyer. There will be no situations where the product cannot be sold. And most importantly, buying and selling is possible at any time in a few seconds.
Convenient working mode. He, again, is associated with 24/7 trading. Other markets are tied to specific times when exchanges operate. Forex has a weekend: it’s only Saturday and Sunday. It can operate from Sunday to Monday night and from Friday to Saturday night. Thanks to this, you can combine trading with normal work, analyze the markets at any time of the day. It is also good that there are no such frequent and tangible price gaps that are constantly observed on the charts of stock exchanges due to the fact that they are closed in the afternoon and at night.
The advantages of Forex over other financial markets are obvious. You can choose what interests you, but if you think like most traders, it will be the forex market for sure.

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