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Trading fear

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The basis of earning on the stock exchange is the opening of transactions, there are no transactions, there is no profit, you cannot earn money just by watching the trading terminal.

But it also happens that some traders, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to make a profit, begin to be afraid to enter the market, they doubt their abilities and fear that the trend will reverse again after the opening of the transaction.

So hours pass, and days follow them, while time is lost that could be used to earn money, how to get rid of the fear of a roar?


• We reduce the level of risk – if you used to trade with a volume of 0.1 lot with only 100 dollars on your account and each point brought you 1 loss, then try to reduce the trading volume to 0.01, now in case of an unfortunate set of circumstances you will lose only 0, 1 dollar. It’s not so scary anymore, though for such volumes you will most likely have to open a cent account .

• Hedging – hedge your trades by choosing an instrument with an inverse correlation for this, and building a trading system so that if you lose on the first trade, the second one will start to make a profit.

• Knowledge – sometimes the cause of fear is a feeling of lack of knowledge, it seems to the trader that he does not quite understand the market and cannot draw the right conclusions. Gaps in knowledge can always be filled by reading books or watching videos about Forex .  

• Change trading instrument – try to work with a different currency pair or even switch to another market, perhaps such a radical change will bring you good luck.

• Use signals – using strong entry signals will allow you to make several profitable trades and regain confidence in your strength. The version of the signals is given in the article .

Every trader starting trading in the financial market should be aware that it is not possible to close all transactions with a profit, there will always be a percentage of unsuccessful positions, but this is not a reason to give up. In any work, not everything works out right away, only experience and knowledge will help you succeed on the stock exchange.

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