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If you have deleted an account…

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What if you have deleted your account? There are many people who will advise you to resume trading as soon as possible to return what you have lost. And even more there will be those who will recommend “sit down” this time, return to a normal state of mind, stop being nervous about what happened.

More useful, of course, is the second option. But what about the fact that for many, the deposit is the only amount they can invest in trading? And, if it happened to leak, then it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Another question arises: where to get more money? And that’s fine, if the size of the deposit was small, a micro account, for example. And if a trader trades a more or less large amount or the broker has serious restrictions in this regard, then it becomes completely sad.

If you have deleted an account… 1You really need to wait. So you can get rid of the dark desire to “recover”, return the lost money. There are practically no cases in which such an effort would end in success. Most of the time, everything is just the opposite: the trader also loses the amount that he additionally invested. But now it’s not about that. Where can I get money to return? As a general rule of thumb, it takes a trader a couple of weeks to cool down completely. And in another 2 weeks, he can reconsider his approaches and tactics, if, of course, he already started with some knowledge and experience. But most people do not have free finances during this time.

And here they come into play:

money set aside for other purposes;
loans from friends;
credits (!).

Also, traders sometimes decide to enter a trade by investing the amount needed to buy one or three lots. All of these approaches are fundamentally wrong.

However, a forex speculator who leaked money always has a small amount left in the account, which cannot be used, as it is not enough to open a deal. This happens due to “leverage” – the amount of funds, upon reaching which positions are automatically closed. This is a type of insurance broker that does not turn negative due to sudden price increases.

Suppose you opened an account with a company where the minimum deposit is $300, the minimum volume is 0.1 lot (about $100). And you have $15 left when the losing trade is closed and the trade becomes impossible.

A simple way out of the situation.
And this is your chance to try yourself in a new direction – binary options trading.

The most important thing in this is that you can start trading binary options even with 1 dollar! This amount is enough for the transaction. Of course, it is advisable to have some money reserve in case it fails. But on the other hand, a small amount of funds will motivate you to make your forecast as complete and correct as possible.

If your broker gives you the opportunity to trade options, then you just need to open a new account for this purpose and transfer the remaining money there. If you do not have such operations, you can withdraw funds and choose another company with the desired range of services.

How can binary options help you?
Binary options are your chance to get your money back in no time. But only on the condition that you don’t let emotion prevail over common sense, don’t bet on chance, and use competent analysis of the situation. Just as thorough as you would be if you were trading Forex or the stock market.

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