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Psychological mood of a successful trader

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Everyone asks the question – Why does someone succeed and earn millions, while others live on a salary, and then a beggarly pension.

If you start to analyze the personality traits of wealthy self-made people, you will be surprised how similar their beliefs and life principles are.

Traders who have earned millions on the stock exchange are no exception, after analyzing several dozen major financiers, one can single out the common features that unite them.


1. Motivation – all traders who reached the top had strong motivation and certain goals, someone wanted to earn a million by the age of 30, others to become famous and famous, it was the right motivation that helped these people overcome all the difficulties that arose.

2. Faith in one’s own strength – why, if he did it, can’t I do it? If a person immediately says that he will not succeed, how can he achieve something.

3. Own trading strategy – some traders wait for a good moment to enter the market, others like to trade all the time, but everyone has their own strategy and try to stick to it.

4. Serious attitude to work– trading is the main type of income, and even if one deal is opened per week, all the main time is spent on technical analysis and improving strategies.

5. Risk control – with the same speed on the exchange, you can lose both $ 1 and a million, so risk control is always in a special place.

6. The ability to wait – and it does not matter if you use scalping or work with long-term transactions, because even scalping requires certain conditions.

7. Have your own opinion – do not succumb to the influence of the crowd, if you act by copying someone, you will definitely lose, because he was already the first.

8.Accept losing as part of the game , you can’t win all the time on the stock exchange, learning not to repeat mistakes.

9. Love your job – trading must be really interesting, otherwise it is better to look for another job.

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