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Managing emotions in trading

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Those who traded on the stock exchange are well aware of how difficult it is to make a profit and how easy it is to lose a deposit, most of the losses occur due to mistakes made during the overexcitation of a trader.

Therefore, a trader should always remain calm no matter what it costs, you need to learn how to manage emotions while sitting at the terminal screen, this will not only reduce the number of impulsive decisions, but also save your nerves.

In order to calm down, you should know what causes you irritation or excitement, an adequate look at the cause will help to overcome it.

For example, you are depressed because of a failed trade, analyze what could have been done in order to reduce losses, give yourself a word to always follow this rule. Recognize that nothing terrible happened, this is just a mistake that you will not make in the future, and in order for the situation not to happen again, limit the risks .

Get up from behind the terminal, go to another room, remember the state in which you are most efficient. After that, return to the computer and continue working.

Not unimportant is the control over impulsive decisions, when a deal is opened only because the price is moving quickly in one direction. Avoid such deals if you did not plan to enter the market, suppress the momentum by simply counting to 30, as a rule, the movement during this time will be replaced by a rollback and it is not a fact that your entry would be successful.

Keep calm and try to avoid such emotions as anger, fear, self-confidence, think only about what can be of practical use, take any failure as a lesson and try not to repeat mistakes.

At the same time, in modern trading there are many ways to limit the influence of emotions on the result of work, try to use them – place stop orders, use pending orders when entering, do not forget about technical analysis tools.

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