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Trader’s workplace

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The merchant profession is often presented as a type of occupation that requires a minimum of time, thought and responsibility. Advertising paints tempting things for us: earn millions sunbathing on the beach with a laptop; quick opening of offers somewhere in a permanent job during breaks, directly from a smartphone …

In fact, such actions are difficult, inconvenient and usually do not correspond to the image and thinking of a professional trader. It is unlikely that you will find a successful specialist in the Forex market somewhere who will open deals in a couple of minutes by going online from his phone. Or he would be sitting on the beach with a laptop… Professionals clearly distinguish between work and leisure. In fact, trading does not take so many hours – this “work” is difficult even to compare with the usual one. But not everything is so simple that somewhere in a meeting you take a smartphone out of his pocket and open a good deal with a couple of finger movements, and then forget about it. Forex requires concentration and responsibility. Even if it takes half an hour a day.

At a minimum, a trader needs a certain amount of time per week (different for everyone) for his activities, as well as for his own workplace. Perhaps you will be outraged if you are a beginner and you were promised the ease of all achievements, including the life of travel. But even when every day is in tourist mode, it is necessary to choose and equip a place to work.

Trader’s workplace

The first condition is the presence of a separate room or space where no one will disturb you at the right time. If you have been trading for several months, then you already know how many hours a day or week are required. If you are a beginner, count 1-4 hours every day of the week. At the same time or in a separate block, you can insert the process of learning to trade in your schedule.

Important points to consider:

No one should “pull” you. In market forecasting, this is as important (and often more so) than in any other mental activity. Distracted for 5 minutes – lost thought. Distracted for a minute, I forgot something important and then I lost it. The result is a deal planned incorrectly, in whole or in part. Perhaps you hope to have a good memory and ability to focus on the question? In vain! No matter how high your performance is in this direction, it has been tried and tested for a long time: if a person becomes distracted, he loses his thinking, and in order to return to the previous level of brain activity, a second acceleration is required in 5- 25 minutes.
Distraction isn’t just about people (or animals, if you have them). All kinds of instant messaging, social networks and a phone play an equally important role. If today you decide to exchange and correspond with a friend at the same time, it is not a good idea. Where would spend 2 hours, in this case 3-5 will disappear. Wouldn’t it be better to spend time on work first and then on someone else? Turn off unnecessary things.
A separate story is television. If you are still watching it, leave the hours spent on this hobby, and they should not coincide with trading in any way. There should be no clips, TV shows, movies, or TV series running in the background during your chart analysis.
In general, the place you have chosen should fit your purpose. Remember that a professional trader always keeps records? … This means that lying in bed with a laptop, simultaneously trying to enter your thoughts into a laptop, is at least uncomfortable. Get a table with a comfortable chair or couch, and when it’s time to work at the market, spend time there. Nothing should bother you here, neither the weather conditions nor the situation. Think about it in advance and if something doesn’t work, improve your workplace again and again. Trader’s Workplace 2
There should be a minimum of things on your desk: a journal (or journals) to write in, maybe some kind of textbooks. And also a computer or laptop for work, with all the necessary programs and good internet speed. Of course, you can use a tablet or something else, but only if it is completely convenient and does not reduce your capabilities. Keep your desk free from distractions, just like in the bedroom.
The only times when communication and distraction are appropriate are when you have to follow up on an exchange. But not just any deal. And only the one in which the closing and opening are clearly clear to you, you just need to automatically respond to signals. If you need to think actively, you must not allow anyone to interfere with your work hours.

It turns out that everything is directly related to how you organize the hours allocated to market analytics. And with the interior, it is minimal. However, this is exactly his place of work; if you decide to make forecasts in a traffic jam, then you are unlikely to achieve the desired effect. Do not believe the silly advertising that says that Forex is a couple of minutes a day, and you will live in the Canary Islands from the first month. Trading forex is the same job, just for yourself, and it requires serious focus and considerable responsibility.

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