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“Are merchants born or do they become?”

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Sometimes one hears from beginners the question of whether they are born or become a trader. Does a person have some kind of innate sense of the market or does he come with experience? Interestingly, these thoughts do not only come to the minds of beginners. Such disputes periodically appear among professionals, and even among very famous people.

An innate style for the market, is it happening?
“Are merchants born or do they become?” There is no clear answer to this question. There have been and are traders in history who have a special “market style”. All those who collaborate with them, as well as colleagues, talk about this. These specialists are very good at guessing when to enter and exit the market, although it is not clear what signals they use to do so.

But more importantly, none of these traders suddenly sat down at the computer and started opening profitable trades. Each of them is distinguished by the desire for knowledge, the presence of its own strategy, training, experience. That is, they probably have a sense of the market, but it was either developed in the process of studying analytical methods, or it didn’t work until it was reinforced by knowledge.

Is it possible to trade if you don’t intuitively feel the market?
There is another side of the problem. To say that “you have to be born as a merchant” is wrong. Even if there is an innate instinct, even without it you can reach heights. The stories of some well-known traders also say that some of them first exhausted their accounts, and this continued until it occurred to them to undertake further studies or build their own approach. After that, from losers, constantly losing money, they became professionals and even millionaires. And some become billionaires.

“Are merchants born or do they become?” And you don’t have to go far. If you know successful traders, or if you spend time in your CD and communicate with them, you probably know that some of them were not immediately successful. Someone had to merge a couple of accounts first…

It is true that if you are at this stage, when money slips through your fingers, you should not flatter yourself. Of course, you can follow in the footsteps of these people. But remember: they did not suddenly wake up successfully. This was preceded by a complete overhaul of their trading system, psychological factors, and market approach. They also had to learn a lot of new information, apply it on a demo account, and gain experience. Often, before starting to trade again, they rewrote their system for several months or even years. Be prepared for this.

And the answer to the previous question is as follows. Some people have a really developed sense of the market and it helps them in their work. But without training and without information, it does not give the desired results. At the same time, even without it, you can achieve success if you diligently learn and gain experience.

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