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How to make sure you lose money in Forex

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Very often we hear from unsuccessful traders that the reason for their loss was the forex itself, a dishonest broker, or some other third-party circumstances.

Why is it that beginners most often lose on the stock exchange, while at the same time professionals earn steadily and only in exceptional cases lose money?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to evaluate what any novice trader wants who has launched a trading terminal for the first time:

• Earn fast – that is, have a profit literally an hour after the terminal is turned on, because he believes that he has already worked hard enough by registering with a broker and replenishing his account.

The rush at the entrance usually turns into an incorrectly chosen direction of the transaction and subsequent losses.

You can earn fast on Forex only if you have sufficient experience in stock trading.

• It is easy to make money – for this it is quite enough to have some money and click on the buttons of the trader’s terminal .

But in fact, it is only easy to learn how to use the same terminal, but in no case how to make successful deals – for the latter, you will need to re-read a lot of literature and spend months watching the change in quotes.

The work of a trader is considered one of the most difficult psychologically and mentally.

• Earn a lot – that is, get a big profit in relation to the money invested, this is what causes the abuse of margin trading and, as a result, to large losses.

If you start to work guided by the three points above, this is guaranteed to lead to the drain of the deposit.

It is not for nothing that exchange trading is compared with business, surprisingly there are a lot of similarities between them – quite a lot of time passes between starting work (study) and making a profit, no one pays salaries just for trading, the success of the operation depends only on you To achieve success, you need to constantly think about work.

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