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Forex trading mindset

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Often, when watching American films, one comes across such a concept as “Working mood” – the boss tries to rally his team by creating a working mood and inspiring confidence in victory.

The ex-citizens of the Union smile at the cries of “We will win”, “We did it”, “Everything is within our power”, because we were taught to work according to a different scheme, when using which not the result, but the process of work plays a big role.

But, if this works at a state-owned enterprise or in an office with hourly pay, then in business, and even more so in trading, everything depends on the result.


Therefore, the correct trading mood is so important when working on Forex .  

Everything here is exclusively aimed at getting a result, you can’t spend a day at the terminal and get paid for it, you have to make not just deals, but profitable deals, and for this you should immediately tune in to hard work and no less hard study.  

Let’s start by defining the goals that we want to achieve, while immediately identifying the final and intermediate goals.

• What percentage of the invested money do you want to receive – the wording “I want to earn a million dollars a month” does not work here, usually people with such requests do not achieve anything. Set realistic goals that can be achieved, for example, reach 40% profit per year.

• Learn to trade without losses – this is an intermediate task, so to speak, the solution of which will allow you to reach a zero result at the end of the month. Yes, there will be unprofitable and profitable transactions in the trading process, but the total profit should still be greater than the amount of losses.

• Find and learn how to apply your strategy – the way of trading that will be most clear to you and at the same time effective.

At the same time, when choosing a specialty of a trader, try not to forget two main features of this work:

• It’s not fast – it may take a month for someone to start earning. and for some, a year is not enough, so you should immediately prepare that the result may not come soon. Some of the well-known traders began to make stable profits only a few years after they were introduced to the exchange.

• It’s not easy – if it seems to you that trading is just pressing a couple of buttons in the trading terminal, you can immediately quit this activity. In order to conclude a successful deal, you need to constantly monitor the market situation using various analysis options. At the same time trying to improve their stock trading skills.

Having decided to try your hand at stock trading, do not write off immediately quit your main job, it is better to do this only after the profit from trading exceeds the salary that you receive at your current job. So the process of learning and developing practical skills really requires quite a lot of time.

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