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Who to become: Trader, Investor or Manager?

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When a person comes to Forex, to a broker in an office, for example, immediately or after training he is faced with the question of which direction to choose. We will not talk about the “player” category – people who come to the exchange hoping to get easy instant money, in other words, to deplete the account. Three possible goals remain: become a trader, investor, or manager. They are all tempting, but which one to choose?

It is more reasonable to make a decision based on your desires, inclinations and personal qualities, and not only on the capabilities and recommendations of the manager.

You are a future investor if…
Who to become: Trader, Investor or Manager? You should choose the path of an investor if you don’t want and don’t like to learn. Or you’re just too lazy. Or you can’t allocate enough time first for training and then for analyzing and forecasting the market. In any of these cases, the most prudent thing is to entrust the money to another person, it is only important to choose a good specialist. You really have to spend time on this, but then you will be free.

The problem of many traders is precisely that they are not prepared to learn, or the most they can choose are superficial basic courses. But at the same time, we are sure that you need to trade on your own. Someone is guided by the conviction that you cannot trust anyone with your money. Others don’t want to share the profits, even though they didn’t earn them. Still others look at the percentage results of managers (and among professionals they are often small, but stable) and decide that they themselves will trade more.

As a result, it rarely happens that they trade. Lack of time and/or knowledge, as well as laziness do their job. The account is usually dumped. It would be better to trust others; after all, each broker provides an opportunity to work with professional managers.

You are a future trader if …
A potential trader is distinguished not only by the desire to earn, get rich and get money quickly. He loves the market. You have a sincere interest in analyzing charts, you can spend a lot of time forecasting, and you don’t want to get away from the screen as soon as possible. He enjoys reading business literature, watching master classes and video tutorials. The most successful people also manage to put into practice more than half of what they have learned, but the main thing from the beginning is interest. Even if you are still a theoretician, and you are interested not only in money, but to the end, do not hesitate, you are a trader, not an investor. You must develop in this direction.

In addition, the merchant is distinguished by the desire to be his own boss. Do not lead anyone, do not ask anyone, but at the same time be responsible for your own actions in front of yourself, from the first step to the last. They are people with a pronounced independence.

You are a future manager if…
Who to become: trader, investor or manager A manager is first and foremost a trader. This means that it is also distinguished by the desire to learn and understand the foreign exchange market, study charts, analyze them. He is interested in it. He is ready to learn and work.

But, in addition to this, he wants additional income. And yet, importantly, he is willing to take responsibility. Enormous. For other people’s money, it takes to manage it. This person must think carefully about each trade. Do you feel so much responsibility in yourself? Are you ready for it? Do you think the extra money is worth it? If so, he can probably become a manager.

Whatever you choose, Forex always favors only those who approach it in a reasonable and measured way. The rest remain behind the same line as the “players”. Learn to make the right decisions and then success will accompany you

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