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What is the best Forex training?

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Trading centers offer a variety of training options: expensive, cheap, free, comprehensive, partial, individual, group. You can already get acquainted on our website with information about whether it is possible to study without money. If the topic of payment is not fundamentally important to you, and you are willing to spend money on it, then you should be very careful in choosing the right course. Also, brokers have a lot to choose from.

The simplest training is basic. You will receive basic information. If the CD is responsible enough, then this knowledge will be enough to trade more or less well very carefully. At least you will learn all the basics of trading.
The second, more serious option is advanced business training courses, which are conducted in groups. They can be called something else, the main thing is that they are offered to those for whom basic market research seems too simple. It usually contains a lot of useful, practical information, even exams.
The third option is the seminars and master classes given by the DC. As a rule, they are held in the form of single events or a series of 2-5 speeches by specialists. Although internships do not usually contain themselves, they can be quite expensive.
What is the best Forex training?

How to acquire great knowledge and experience?
The problem with all the training options described above is that they are designed for a group. They do not take into account the personal characteristics of the trader, they do not help him to choose a strategy that will be ideal for him. They do not make reports on open transactions, they do not delve into the essence of their failures in order to prevent their recurrence … As a rule, after all these courses (and sometimes even the approval process), the trader is left alone with the market and its psychological organizational problems, which, by the way, at first almost all currency speculators have.

Therefore, the question of what is the best Forex training can be answered unambiguously: individually. When they mess with you, they give you great working strategies and literally lead you by the handle. But where to find it?

Interestingly, you don’t have to go very far. Half of the brokers have this option in the trading centers. Often it is not advertised and is offered to a trader only if he himself asked him about all possible ways to gain knowledge. Or he complained that he wasn’t doing anything, despite the courses he had taken. Please note that the same broker in different developing countries may or may not have such a service. The first thing it depends on is whether there are specialists among the employees who are at the same time successful traders and can carry out such training. The second is from the owner. Many CDs open under an affiliate program (it turns out something like a franchise), and the rules established in them also depend on the organizer.

If you trust your broker and their trading center, ask the staff if they have such training. As a general rule, it is expensive. But much more often it is done for free for those who have deposited several thousand dollars in the account. This amount is used for trading and is a kind of guarantee that after training you will not “run away” to another broker.

Such activities can hardly be replaced by anything. Even the trainings and coaching offered on the Internet today do not involve specialist supervision as it would during a personal DC visit. Therefore, if you have a good broker within your reach, in addition to desire and opportunities, take advantage of this offer. It will definitely pay for itself.

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