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Forex specialist coaching: what results to expect?

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With the development of such a direction as the information business, Forex market analysts also decided to earn extra money, in fact, by selling their knowledge. And now we can see how they announce the hiring for the next individual or group coaching. It is clear that the publicity is promising (is it different?…), but will the merchant get what he really wants?

Forex specialist coaching: what results to expect? This topic is very broad. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, it all depends on a number of factors, namely:

Of the veracity of the advertising campaign.
It depends on whether the organizers tell you everything, or if they prefer to tell you something only in the coaching itself.
of psychological factors. Do they promise to solve your human factors problems in the market? Will they manage? After all, each person has this problem on their own level. Some of the emotionality in him cannot be taken out even in a year; let’s remember casino lovers.
Also, there may be other reasons to enroll in such training or not. A project like this can give you the life you dreamed of or leave you with nothing. Therefore, seeing such a proposal, evaluate it in all sobriety.

How to correctly evaluate the author?
To begin with, good knowledge cannot be cheap. If you are offered to become the king of Forex for 1000 rubles, feel free to pass. A decent course can cost around an average salary (in the country, not in the capital) and more; it is difficult to name the roof. Not a single specialist, if he really is, will sell his knowledge for a penny, and he simply will not waste his time on such nonsense. After all, he can earn much more on Forex! Their services can only be expensive, in extreme cases, moderately, but not cheap.

The second thing to pay attention to is who is doing this coaching. If you know a specialist and you think he is a master in his field, you can skip this point. If you haven’t heard of it, the search engine will help you. Where can you find their analyses? You need to find out if you cooperate with any brokers; this in itself is, albeit small, but a guarantee of the quality of services. If not, look for publications on the Internet, on your personal site, on YouTube, and other resources.

Accessible analytics is very important. It doesn’t matter if it comes on a free mailing list or is publicly displayed. If a trader is not prepared to demonstrate knowledge, how can his professionalism and competence be tested? … But free access is still not enough. You should definitely check the forecasts in real time. For short-term offers, one week will be enough for this, for medium-term offers, more is needed. The main thing is that from personal experience you need to make sure that working with this operator is promising.

How to correctly assess your capabilities?
Forex specialist coaching: what results to expect? 2A separate issue is yourself. You may have noticed that there are a lot of offers on the Internet: trainings, seminars, webinars, training for all areas. Books, after all. Much free, paid and expensive. But how few people have changed anything in their lives! If you think reason is a trap, you are wrong. Of course, there are many low-quality products. But there are many and very good. So why can’t people improve their lives with your help?

The first and foremost reason is that they themselves are not ready for this. Someone, even having paid for training, cannot find time for it. Someone is a hackneyed sloth. When you read about the “miracle recipe” that will help you make money on Forex, think before you hit the pay button. How long does it take per day? Can you find these free hours? Wouldn’t you be lazy? The problem for many people is that they expect some kind of training or book to change their lives on its own. His usual complaint is: “Well, I read everything (looked), but nothing changes! ..” That is, they expect changes without any action on their part. Before you start training, ask yourself: are you sure you’re not the type of person?

How to correctly evaluate the quality of coaching?
And finally, if in the answers to the previous questions you have come to the decision that everything suits you, carefully study what the training program itself offers.

The first is whether it exactly solves your problem. For example, they promise miraculous strategies. This is, of course, wonderful. But, if your personal trading failures are objectively related not to a lack of a good trading system, but to your own psychological barriers, then this training is not for you. Etc. Identify your main problem in trading, and only then compare what is proposed with what is necessary.
The second is if the coach tells the truth. If in their statistics (which are usually publicly presented) the size of profitability is indicated at 30% per month on average, and they promise to earn $10,000 per month, something is wrong here. After all, can’t a person teach you how to trade better than himself? So, one of two things: either they trick you, enticing you with advertising, or you have to invest $30,000 to earn that same 10,000… And not everyone has that amount. Clarify anything that seems strange.
When making a decision, be meticulous, pay attention to the little things when you want to be trained by Forex specialists. The expected results will not be told through loud advertising, but through the correct analysis of the received proposal. Learning from masters, in any field, is not a cheap pleasure, so don’t waste money. Pay only if you are sure that it will bring results.

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