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Characteristics of the thinking of merchants and entrepreneurs

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Forex trading opponents will give you disappointing statistics that 90-95% of the people who come there to make money lose their money there. There is also more detailed data, and they say that of the remaining 5-10%, almost all remain at zero, that is, they do not lose and do not win. And only 1-2% actually receive money, as you might guess, a lot. It’s getting scary… Is this a lie?

It is interesting that professionals confirm these statistics. It is true that it is not known where it came from, but you will be told that it is approximately so. Unfortunately. Many people are afraid to start trading after that. Is it worth it if everything is so ambiguous and dangerous? ..

But, before we give up, let’s pay attention to the reasons that make people leave their money in Forex instead of earning it. Is this the design of the market? Nothing like this! See how it all really happens.

Characteristics of the thinking of merchants and entrepreneurs.

Motivation and action
It is a strong motivation that attracts future traders to the market. And how is it with them? Money, of course. And a lot of money. It is unlikely that someone would go into Forex with the idea that they will now earn $500 a month. Or thousand. Or one and a half. Everyone has dreams of millions, and in the first year. Many people like to remember Soros. They just forget the huge amount he put into the deal to get his $1 billion. That is, they initially want to receive very large amounts with small funds, which means high-risk transactions, because money management is violated. Needless to say, most of them just lose money…

The second point is the myth of easy money. More than half of traders are sure that it is easy to make money on Forex! There are also those who do not perceive this as income at all; they are sure that it is a kind of roulette with a high risk and a big jackpot. By the way, those thoughts don’t stop them at all…

It is not necessary to talk about players. And then it is clear that these people have come in search of adrenaline and will leave with nothing. Let’s go back to normal people. When they come to Forex, they expect to get rich from the simplest actions. For example, you just need to learn the miracle formulas for success and apply them every day. The problem is that there are no miracle formulas in the financial market. More precisely, they exist, but they are far from simple. And they consist of at least 3 components: money management, psychology and a good strategy. At the same time, they are not precise, there is always room for force majeure.

Forex and business: where is the relationship?
Characteristics of the thinking of traders and entrepreneurs 2For some reason, Forex in our country is often treated worse than business. However, let’s go back to the statistics mentioned above. There is a well-known and unquestionable fact: of the opening companies and individual entrepreneurs annually, more than 90% close. But for some reason no one shouts that the business is a hoax, a pyramid, a roulette wheel. And the numbers themselves … Don’t you think this “coincidence” is strange? Why it happens?

Because people who enter the financial market and those who start their own businesses are similar in their way of thinking. Everyone wants money and is willing to do something for it, something that others do not dare to do. However, no more than 10% of them are willing to go further, that is, to act constantly. Take responsibility for your decisions, your earnings, and your life. Treat emerging problems, improve yourself and your business.

The mindset of traders and entrepreneurs is similar. They are even more similar for the same people, only the successful ones. In business, there is no place for lazy and uncollected individuals. Having relaxed, an entrepreneur will lose everything, even with a well-established business. And the merchant too. If you want to get things done, take a close look at your personality and market research. And then the problems of most merchants will not affect you.

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