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Forex of Beginners

Best Day Trading Laptops in 2023

When discussing the requirements for successful trading, pro traders often mention having the right tools. A quality laptop is among such tools. A trader needs a good laptop just as much as an F1…

Managing emotions in trading

Those who traded on the stock exchange are well aware of how difficult it is to make a profit and how easy it is to lose a deposit, most of the losses occur due to mistakes made during the…

Exchange spoofing

Spoofing (from the English "spoof" - deception) is a tactic used in the financial markets, which aims to manipulate prices and create artificial changes in trading. This type of manipulation…

Trading at home

Usually we imagine the work of a trader on the stock exchange or a huge office among dozens or even hundreds of colleagues, a flurry of activity in buying and selling various trading instruments.…

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